Chemical-Free Water Treatment

AquaSphere Pro is the safe and natural Solution to your pond problems.

Just gently toss AquaSphere Pro in your pond, and it immediately goes to work breaking down organic material, clarifying water and reducing bottom sludge.

The AquaSphere Pro's blend of proprietary beneficial bacteria is certified safe by veterinarians for pets, people, plants, fish and amphibians.

The AquaSphere Pro is biodegradable and the treatment lasts for 30 days, working 24 hours a day.

Just add a new AquaSphere Pro once a month for a clean, clear, healthy pond.

  • Alliance Outdoor Lighting
  • Aqua Control Water Features
  • Arbourdale
  • Boshart
  • Cla-Val
  • Dawn
  • Harco
  • IPEX
  • LASCO Fittings
  • Mueller
  • NDS
  • Old Castle
  • Paige
  • Pentair
  • POGO
  • Pumptronics
  • Rainbird